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Extensible Internet

There is now a significant and growing functional gap between the public Internet, whose basic architecture has remained unchanged for several decades, and a new generation of more sophisticated private networks. To address this increasing divergence of functionality and overcome the Internet’s architectural stagnation, we argue for the creation of an Extensible Internet (EI) that supports in-network services that go beyond best-effort packet delivery.


CellBricks is a novel cellular architecture that lowers the barrier to entry for new operators — small or large, trusted or untrusted.


AlphaGarden is an autonomous polyculture garden that prunes and irrigates living plants in a 1.5m × 3.0m physical testbed. AlphaGarden uses an overhead camera and sensors to track the plant distribution and soil moisture. We model individual plant growth and interplant dynamics to train a policy that chooses actions to maximize leaf coverage and diversity.

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