glass pumkin

Meadow Fountain - Glass

pattern vase

Tic Tac Withrow - Clay

colorful dots

Disk Landscape - Clay and Wood

metal leaf

Industrialized Nature - Bronze

Candle Holder

Spinning Light - Clay

Computer 1

Heart Among Ash - Photo

Flower with butterfly

One-Sided Symmetry - Photo


Searching for the Mothership - Aluminum

illuminated satelite

Contact - Aluminum

butter dish

Tic Tac Oleo - Clay

Computer 2

25° Celsius - Computer

ceramic leaf

Leaf Reincarnation- Clay

Computer 1

Blown Away - Computer

dulcimer senior project

Mountain Dulcimer - Wood

clarinet glass

A Sturdy Clarinet - Pewter and Glass


A Lump on a Log - Photo

leaf plate

Leaf Footprint - Clay

color vase

Ocean's Ember - Clay

sea plant

Sea Similar - Pewter

name plate

Family Tribute - Aluminum